Somaliland and its Failure of Internatio​nal Recognitio​n Is Non Taking Strategy Of Universal By The World. Written: Dp Abdirahman Zaied Farah (Jeesto).
March 4, 2017 - Written by Admin
Somaliland and its Failure of Internatio​nal Recognitio​n  Is  Non  Taking  Strategy  Of  Universal  By  The  World.  Written:  Dp  Abdirahman  Zaied  Farah  (Jeesto).
Somaliland has been waiting for international recognition for more than 25 lengthy years and it has been doing so with the hope that one day or out of the blue recognition might come, but this notion overlooks the reality on the ground and makes Somaliland’s endless waiting a daydream that lacks any practical components with the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction regarding Somaliland’s recognition-searching endeavors. This has been based so far on the idea that Somalia is a failed state and that would lend some kind of legitimacy to Somaliland’s wait-and-see hope for international recognition, because in this notion of Somaliland’s recognition hunting, the more Somalia remains to be a failed state, the more opportunity for Somaliland to make its case better for the international community to change its position in favor of Somaliland. By all means, the whole idea of angling for that is delusive.
The leaders of Somaliland have failed to recognize the reality that Somaliland’s recognition search already became a hangover from the past. In fact, without dwelling on the historic past which doesn’t have necessarily hundred percent relevance with the political context of the present, the Somaliland leaders should embrace a change of heart with effective political strategy to pull Somaliland out of the failed dream of seeking international recognition in vain. Indeed, the cloud or the fog surrounding Somaliland’s recognition seeking has turned so hazy to the extent that the spoken words used by Somaliland leaders to be separated from Somalia and their behind the door approaches, for instance, have a high degree of contradiction: in layman’s terms, it is like I am a separate and independent state but I have to receive my portion from anything financial aide or development funds donated or given by the international community in the name of Somalia, which generates a level of weirdness in the question of the recognition and on the path taken by the Somaliland leaders to get it. If you aspire to do nothing with Somali statehood, why take aide money or anything else obtained in the name of Somalia?
Since Somaliland is not recognized yet, its declaration to secede has an abstract existence only and no matter how many times Somaliland leaders delineate their decision for independence with the North being colonized by Britain as justifications and as blueprint guidelines after so-called Somali unity disappointment, the prospect of international recognition for Somaliland is very slim if not zero. Somaliland needs to create an enlightened framework not to continue the status quo, but to come up with bigger brains to device a way out from the recognition stalemate. Nevertheless, no matter what the exit strategy might be, maintaining the status quo is no longer a working option for Somaliland. The lesson should be learned after nearly three decades of unsuccessfully pursuing international recognition.
Those who root for Somaliland secession don’t assume about themselves being right but they are adamant about their belief that they have already the big picture and anyone else who tells them otherwise is not only wrong but deserves crucifixion in their eyes. They somehow overlook the fact that all those who live in the Northern Somalia (formerly British Somaliland) are not in favor of the North seceding from the rest of Somalia. Frankly speaking, a half of the population living in the North don’t support the split of Somalia and wholeheartedly back the unity of the country. And the number of those who support the Somaliland independence is withering as the time drags on witth no international recognition in sight.
The ideology of Somaliland being independent country would crumble so easily if the rest of the country becomes peaceful under a legitimate administration, which is fully in control of the whole area with genuine representation of the people. The only glue that holds together the conceit of Somaliland’s insistence for independence is the unsolved issues of the rest of the country: if all those issues are resolved, Somaliland secession supporters will rush to Mogadishu to negotiate for some sort of autonomy for Somaliland, and if not possible, they will negotiate for some sort of autonomy for portions of Somaliland inhabited by the Isaq clan to which the most of the current supporters.
Written:  Dp  Abdirahman  Zaied  Farah  (Jeesto)
Diplomatic  Annalysis
Source/ Center  of  Policy  Annalysis

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